Selling online

I am starting from scratch to design an internet site to retail and
wholesale jewelry. I would like to benefit from other Orchidians’
wisdom. Can you recommend companies to work with (or avoid) for
hosting and credit card processing. Also, I may need the help of a
web design person, if recommendations can be made.

Check out for website related topics

In my opinion, you must first come up with a “key phrase” search term
that will be used by people searching for your unique product----it
has to relate to something that someone wants that isn’t being
supplied by 450,679 other websites—otherwise, forget the whole

If there are a few people in the world who will search for and buy a
…left-handed 22 karat gold, hand-made reproduction of an early
Scythian back-scratcher…then maybe you can do some business if
that’s what you have to offer and you optimize your site for that
search term and your prospective clients use that search term—a
lot of “ifs”.

Or you could inherit a few million dollars and amuse yourself buying
every known form of online promotion until the money runs
out—might not generate any traffic but at least you’ll become an
expert on what doesn’t work.

Good luck!!

If you put a lot of effort into promoting your site it will make all
the difference. Do you do one off’s ? that could be the way to go,
that way your offering an exclusive service. I don’t know if you are
near a big city ?? if you are and have some really off the wall
designs,you could contact some model agencies and try to get you
work on the catwalk. Or contact some magazines and track down their
Stylists, and contact some TV shows. All the above provide free
promotion, and its the only way to go if you want to get
established. Bills suggestion was good, do follow up on that, but I
think you may as well give up if you are going to depend solely on a
surfers stumbling across your site. Deliver that to them,
by promotion, promotion, promotion “PROMOTION” Wishing you every

Tina A
Dublin, Ireland

I agree !!! Promote !!! Promote !!! Promote !!!

I don’t usually post anything on Orchid because I’m not a jeweler,
I’m just learning and experimenting to see what I want to
pursue… I read all the wonderful entries, but don’t comment
because you are the experts…


I’m in advertising and have been for over 20 years… Promotion is
they way to go and if anyone wants to write me offline I would be
happy to try to give a hand… I get so much enjoyment from Orchid
and I’m sure that I would learn something new from helping carve
out a strategy and plan…


Hi All,

I’m wondering if any member here are selling online via own website?
If so how did you build the traffic to your website? What’s your
tenique to convert it to sale?

Thanks for the Help

Ps I just opened my own website and I like to know how to make it
worth it


Online selling has made the world a small world. There are number of
techniques especially web marketing.

On line selling involves finance, strong technology background & of
the product. Its world by itself. In case you wish to move forward
please come offline.

Warm Regards,