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Selling old inventory

A “Unique” jewelry store is going to help you move some old

Here’s another great way, right now, to move old inventory

It comes from my suggestion of a REALLY Unique Jewelry Operation.


This past fall InStore Magazine gave the results of their “Coolest
Store”. As a jeweler I was happy to see one was a custom design

But this email blast is not about the shop but how to help you get
rid of old non moving inventory and turn it into cash.

I travel helping jewelers across the country and have had the
pleasure on a few occasions to visit a real “Unique Jewelry Store” in

In fact I’m so enamored with this store I wish InStore Magazine
would give an award the most “Unique Jewelry Operation”.

Perry’s Estate Jewelers in Charlotte N.C. is one of the most unique
store around and the owner Ernie Perry is offering to help other
jewelers as well.

Why Is Perry’s so unique?

Perry’s is an estate jeweler, selling mostly items they have bought
from their customer base and others across the country. They are
doing a bang up job, the store itself doing several million in sales.
The store is pretty but the operation is BEAUTIFUL.

They are located in the main floor of a 6 store office building. As
you walk in to the left is a bank, to the right is Perry’s Estate
Jewelers. But don’t stop there, go straight ahead past the elevators
to Perry’s Buying Offices. Both places have a greeter behind a glass.
The buying office has about (as I remember( it) 8 separate offices
with skilled staff buying jewelry, coins (lots of coins) and other

Further in the back is a staff of people who sort, value and decide
what to do with these items they bought. There are 4 things that can
happen to items they buy:

  1. Refurbish it and put it into inventory at the front of the
    building at “Perry’s Estate Jewelers”.

  2. Wholesale it to other dealers (I didn’t see that happen a lot
    while I was there).

  3. Take the stones out and send the metal to a refiner for a check.
    This amount of money probably is double that of the jewelry sales at
    the store.

The forth thing is why I’m writing you today. This is REALLY cool.

#4: In another city they lease a TV facility 5 nights a week from
about 5 to midnight where they sell the jewelry that:

Isn’t the right styles for the jewelry store and go directly to be
sold on T.V. Items from the jewelry store that has past a “date stamp”
(time allowed to stick around before getting booted out). The TV. show
sales also exceed those of the store.

This is truly a unique jewelry OPERATION:

  1. They make money selling jewelry.
  2. They make money buying jewelry.
  3. If it can’t sell in the store the sell it on their own TV. show.
  4. If it doesn’t sell on TV then all hope is lost and its melted!.

So why am I writing to you today? Ernie told me this past week that
he needs to FEED a hungry animal-the TV. show that is selling
jewelry. So here it is:

Ernie wants your stock that’s not moving, all types. Watches

He’ll hold it for 10 days and show it many times on the show many
times a week. If it sells he gives fast payment as his customers pay
him by credit card. If it doesn’t sell he’ll send it back and you can
have your last chance selling it during the Christmas season.

He’s selling things at “good prices” to his customers so don’t
expect to get your cost on “most things”. He’s probably going to have
to pay these items at about 30% below your old cost to move them for
you and him. But if you’ve got 2, 3 or even 5 year old items you lost
more than that in lost profits. This is called “give me some cash

But Ernie did tell me if he thinks some of the items are unique
he’ll for sure offer more than your cost.

He asks that you contact him directly. I’ve worked with his family
(jewelers) and Ernie is a sweet and honest guy. You’ll enjoy working
with him.

So first see what you got and call Ernie Perry. Tell him David said
to call (I don’t get anything) as he asked me to send this out for
him this weekend. I’ll be going to the TV. station soon to help them
with their upgraded point of sale system and such.

Perrys Jewelers
Ernie Perry
6525 Morrison Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28211
ep at

So maybe now you’ll know why I nominate Ernie Perry for the jewelers
"Most Unique Operation".

David Geller
Director of Profit