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Selling jewelry onlne

I am new to Orchid, so if this has been discussed, please point me
towards the discussion thread. I have been a hobby silver and
goldsmith as well as lapidary for forty years. While I sell my work,
I don’t have to pursue it for a living. I am a retired school
administrator with a good pension. Now that I have time on my hands,
in addition to making more jewelry and exploring new materials and
processes, I have tried several part time jobs, but they just don’t
give me the same pleasure that working in my shop gives me. As a
result, I now make jewelry full time (whatever that is). The problem
is that I have a lot of finished pieces piling up and need to move
them. I have an ETSY shop, but find it a lot of work to maintain. I
do some consignment in a local high end store and also sell through
my own website ( ). I did shows
for years, but have gotten out of the circuit because I just didn’t
like doing them. If anyone is so inclined, please take a look at my
website and let me know what direction you think that I should go in
to not only sell more of my work, but also enjoy the selling process
more. I am especially interested in other sites like ETSY, but
smaller and more focused on jewelry. Thanks in advance for any help
offered. Rob Meixner

Rob Meixner