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Selling jewelry from broken relationships

Here are two websites to help sell jewelry from broken relationships
There are stories to go with each. Is this marketing or is it a
public purging of wrongs, percieved or real?

ROBB = Retired Old Baby Boomer

Hi Robb,

I recently got very sick of helpingpeople sell thier jewelry.
Marketable Cash Value appraisals cnabe as difficult as valuing
antique jewelry- they both usually require a market data approach to
value (you have to find comparable sold properties instead of adding
up the component parts). The worst part is that every one expects to
recieve high dollar amounts for thier “precious” jewels.

The fact is, in most markets, you will only retain liquidation to
scrap values. The avenue that your showing is great- it is sale to
the ultimate consumer- you can recieve above liquidation value.
Attached is a chart that show several markets with a relative idea of
what each market pays out. enjoy! …What I find particularly wrong
is that people purchase engagement rings so that one day “IF we get
divorced” she will be alright. Ridiculous! This should give people
another reason to spend more money on hand fabrication and custom
design then simply a big rock.

Kennon Young, GG, CBJT
Member, NAJA
USPSP Certified
Owner, Vermont Gem Lab