Selling jewellery

Because of Covid-19; online jewellery selling & buying will be so much “safer” than walking into stores.
You probably knew of this before, but that was before Covid-19. Studios are changed to “by appointment only, with limit of 5 people”.

Just read that “Social Distancing” will last until the end of 2022. Get used to it now and learn!
“Brick & mortar” stores with high rent are now ancient history. Shopping malls are finished!

Be inventive, create mini-videos on your new revised website to display your very unusual jewellery!

Get your “Gallery”, web-sites changed every week! These will be your new store fronts. Classroom instructions with benches, close together, will be now using Zoom with extensive teleconferencing. My surgeons are using these methods, saving in the cost of office-rent!

Reinvent yourself, I’m doing this! Why not YOU? We must change now & we will succeed!

Gerry, on my iPhone