Selling Irradiated Blue Topaz

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QVC, Sterling Jewelers, and Kay Jewelers are now among those who
have stopped selling irradiated blue topaz jewelry. What is the
independent jeweler to do if he has a variety of existing blue topaz
pieces which are without the NRC warranties showing the gems were
checked by one of the three testing companies? In other words, how do
the new regulations affect existing stock?

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JCK magazine just printed additional on this subject but
I can not find it on line. From what I recall you are able to sell
what you have in stock but anything new into your inventory for 2008
must have paperwork.

I am going off memory alone so if anyone else has additional
on this please let me know if I am incorrect.

CreatedWithFire Studio’s

The latest word is that the NRC will NOT chase down people over
selling existing stock.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
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The info on blue topaz was in Modern Jeweler:


After issuing three import licenses for irradiated blue topaz,
the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced it would not pursue
any action regarding existing blue topaz inventory in this
country. Current stock of blue topaz loose stones and jewelry in
the U.S. can be sold without documentation of testing by a
licensed importer. However, the NRC advised retailers and
wholesalers that all 2008 imports of blue topaz and other
gemstones irradiated in a reactor or accelerator must be tested
and released by a licensed importer before distribution. The
three licensed importers for irradiated gems are Ideal Source
Quality Assurance in Columbia, Maryland; HBM in Warrenton,
Virginia; and International Isotopes in Idaho Falls, Idaho.