Selling in the streets of NYC


I have a question, I have made jewelry and have also made decorative
t-shirts that I intended to sell in the Lower East Village. However,
I am confused as to what is the process to sell in the streets of
NYC. I see a lot of vendors, I just don’t know what kind of permits
I need or where to to file an application to obtain the permits.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction?

Thank you much for your attention.

(Lost and Confused) Cami


You would have to obtain a license from the Department of Consumer
Affairs. Here is the address:

Department of Consumer Affairs/Health
42 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10004

For go here:

I would caution you to follow all the rules to the letter. Only two
weeks ago I read an article in the New York Times about a new
schedule of fines for street vendors that prompted them to protest
outside City Hall. Apparently fines are now as high as $1,000 for
certain offenses.

Good luck!


You definitely need a permit in NYC. I’m not sure which city
department issues permits. Why don’t you ask one of the vendors that
you see about where to obtain the proper permit.


Joel Schwalb

Not being a street Vendor my suggestion will be Go to the nearest
police station and ask the duty officer at the front desk. Or else
check at City Hall may be able to look over the net too. Best

Kenneth Singh

i get the tax id numbers, in brooklyn, you get one for doing
craft shows in nystate and one for selling on the street,otherwise
they can fine you, and send declared quarterly earnings vouchers,
usually store owners would call on me if i stood on madison in the
80s, and the appropriate police division would show up and say the
number has to be displayed, but people around the Metropolitan, and
the Modern say they never encounter police, down on west broadway
they do come through periodically on the weekend that is,