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Selling gold in South Caroliina


Hi All,

I have a friend in South Carolina that would like to sell some gold.
She does not feel comfortable sending to anyone. Can anyone recommend
place in South Carolina that she could go to?



Refer her to Hauser & Miller in Saint Louis. They are wonderful
people, very honest, and will give her the true value of her gold.
They have an 800 number and she can call with any questions.

Ray Wenneker, Founder
Society for Midwest Metalsmiths


Most pawn shops will buy gold but she would be better off dealing
with an established precious metal processor. I deal with United
Precious Metals at 1-800-999-FINE. Of course, small amounts of scrap
or old findings might not be accepted by a precious metal dealer.
Just call and ask. It would still require mailing the gold to



Which big city is she near? I work in Greenville.



Hey Suzanne,

Where is she located? I’m in Greenville and can recommend several
reputable places.

Tim Forsythe

Which big city is she near? I work in Greenville. 

I believe it’s Charolette… Its actually for a friend’s Mom…