Selling family jewelry

Hi All,

I need some for a close friend. He is in difficult
straights and needs to sell some jewelry. With some skepticism I
went to look at the pieces yesterday. I say that because usually when
I check out family jewelry for pals, it is mostly junque…artistic
junk junque lol. Not the case here. 4 excellent diamond rings.
Great quality, color and cut. One stone slightly damaged. Very clean
older diamonds ranging from 1ct to 2 cts. Neither the settings nor
the amount of gold is worth much.

Who or where would he, or I turn to to sell these rings for the
highest value? Those of you who are store owners can probably inform
the best I am guessing. I really wish I had the funds to take at
least one of these off of his hands. Really beautiful stones
including one completely clean large emerald cut. I want him to get
the best price.

Thanks for any help you might provide.

Lisa, (raised garden beds and cages almost finished. The rodent wars
continue) Topanga, CA USA

Lisa Bialac-Jehle
Byzantia Jewelry