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Selling diamond watch

Could my fellow orchid friends hep me out on this. A friend of mine
won a ladies watch appraised at 80k by the company who provided the
watch. It probably has 3 or more cts. of diamonds. She needs the
money and has no idea where to go or how to sell it. Maybe some of my
fellow jewelers could respond to this post and provide some guidance.
By the way they also provided her with 25k to pay the taxes on the
watch. It still cost her a lot of money to win the watch. Since I
don’t always get to read my ganoksins quickly could you please email
me directly. Thank you for your help in advance.

Steve Blank
Untarnished jewelry

Dear Orchid friends,

A dear friend of mine won a diamond platinum watch valued at 80k. It
has 16 cts of diamonds and a swiss movement. She is interested in
selling it needing the money not the watch. Any body have any
suggestions, advice or possible contact person that could help us
out. It a beautiful piece jewelry that needs to be on somebody’s
wrist. Thank you in advance and see you in Tucson.


You can try this

Woody S.