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Selling a plastic mold as a jewelry piece


i bought a mold right. at its like plastic.

and then i got some resin and filled the mold and added some glitter
and stuff to make a jewelry piece.

then it didnt work out because i couldnt get the resin out of the
mold. right… so its stuck in the mold.

now i think i can do two things which im wondering is legal or
illegal. cause im going to sell some jewelry on my website…

and since the pieces i made didnt work out they stuck… i cut them
out (there is 5 gem shaped molds with resin in them) i cut them out
because it was like 5 cavities on a mold sheet and i wanted them to
be seperate pieces.

the first thing i want to know is if its legal to sell the pieces as
they are, with the actual mold attatched to them (because the resin
stuck) ??? the second question is… because… i cant find any decent
sillicone molds that are gems shaped with faucets and i really like
the shape of the mold i have(that the resin is stuck inside)

i want to buy some sillicone putty to make a sillicone out of the
plastic mold. (like use the plastic mold shape and push it into the
sillicone so the sillicone putty will have the same shape)

is that like stealing the shape of the mold? cause i totally didnt
make the plastic mold… i bought it online at is it legal
to them make jewelry pieces using the sillicone mold that is the very
same shape as the mold i bought from

or is that legal?

im rilly on teh fence about these two questions. im hoping someone
knows something.



There is a spray silicone type spray called “mold release” or you
can use cooking spray like “Pam”. before pouring in the resin/
imbedded objects. They will just pop right out after curing, then
you polish them until they are glass like.

As far as making your own molds…they are just shapes, so what
would be the infringement? However, it would be far more expensive
and time consuming than to just purchase the plastic mold sheet of
jewel shapes for $5.00. You can also use candy molds for fun shapes
like lifesaver shapes for bracelets:}

Rose Peterson Myers