Selling a patented design

Hello all I’m hoping that you can help me; I have a patented design
that I have been selling to a small niche market, everyone loves it
and I know that if I could sell it to a large manufacturer with
greater market penetration and distribution it would be very

Essentially it is bigger than what I.m doing with it. Everyone who
sees it says to me you need to get this “out there”, when I ask for
their suggestions they usually range from none to I don’t know.

So; if you came up with a new product that could sell many more
units than you could make yourself, how would you maximize this
products potential?

Thanks alot for your time I know how valuable it is.

I understand that you are skittish about this design, but we really
need a bit more about it in order to help you. Is the
design castable? What is your experience in the jewelry industry? Who
do you wish to sell it to?


Hello; thanx for your reply I’m new to the forum and struggling with
it’s unique operation; anyway I will give you some back ground on
me, I had my first full time jewelry job when I was 15 and I started
silversmithing at 16, I attended New Mexico state university
studying mechanical Engineering, I have worked for countless large
jewelry manufacturers in almost every department except sales, my
last position lasted for 20 years as the director of product
development, I was responsible for everything from trending a
concept to delivering production ready molds, managing contract
designers, wax carvers, and a staff of in house model makers, model
clean-up, mold makers, aprox 15 people at one time. Mostly we made
cast products in sterling, and we had a large pewter manufacturing
shop as well. Our customers were QVC, Avon,silpada, coldwater
creek,wal-mart, target,TJ max, and others.

The owner of the business retired and sold it,…big surprise to us
employees,…to a company that owns alot of businesses one of them
being South Dakota Gold in rapid city, after a few months they came
into my office and said that my position was going to be run by the
new president and here’s your check through the rest of the week, In
the mean time I have been creating designs and several of them have
patents, and now I’m working for myself selling these products. I
hope thats readable with all the run-on sentences.

The patent that I want to sell is an interchangeable ring design, it
is similar to Orbis but actually it’s better because it allows you
to see the entire bead,Orbis must cover more than 50% of the bead or
else it will fall out, it is definetly castable,in any metal.

QVC has seen it and wanted to run it, but they said thier customer
wouldn’t pay more than $29.00, and they wouldn’t mention my name and
I had to make it in a plain black card board box with six genuine
stone beads for under $9.50, then we were going to have take back
some returns( which I wasn’t worried about because I knew when
people saw it demonstrated they won’t return it because they love
it). You can begin to see why dealing with majors is not all that
it’s cracked up to be.

I have gotten off track alittle bit here with the QVC story, you
asked me who I wanted to sell it to, I want to sell it to an company
or manufacturer or entreprenuer(sp?) who has the marketing,
distribution and supply chain to maximize it’s potential.

I was intentionally vague in my in my original post because I wanted
to see if someone might have a new “angle” with out getting into too
many details.

So;…what do you think?..thanks again for


you asked me who I wanted to sell it to, I want to sell it to an
company or manufacturer or entreprenuer(sp?) who has the
marketing, distribution and supply chain to maximize it's

Gregg - I’m not any kind of marketing pro, first off. You have
enough experience to know that interchangeable rings are a niche
market. I don’t really know all the names, but I’d suggest you go to
the big manufacturers - Stuller (as a source, more), Quality Gold,
people like that - Cobb, maybe. Likely the JBOT could help you get in
touch, hopefully even if you’re not a member: Flip
through JCK’s directory, stuff like that.