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Selecting POS card merchant services

I currently use POS card services in CA to process charge cards.
Their rate is 1,85% plus.29cts transaction fee for Visa and Master
card swipes, mor= e for keyed in transactions (when I have no
electricity at shows). I have a terminal that stores info onto the
machine till I get back home,when I connect to my landline and then
transmit all transactions. I like this system and am not interested
in a machine that requires a cell phone (more monthly expenses). POS
rates are OK till you look at the mid-qualifiers (+ 0.59%) and
non-qualifiers’ (+1.63%) charges. Last year my cost for merchant
services came down to 2.9%. I find that high.

I have heard that Costco has a very reasonable program, although I
am not aCostco member. And how is Costco’s customer service?

Can anybody recommend me a better company that charges lower
’deductions", yet has great 24 hr customer service, and has no hidden



I changed to Costco last year and lowered my rates.

I use QuickBooks and their software installs inside QuickBooks. When
we make the receipt in QuickBooks, it pops up, click some buttons and
it authorizes the charge over the internet and prints a separate
receipt. I haven’t used a terminal in years.

If you carry a laptop, have internet access at the shows with a card
for the computer, this would work and use QuickBooks. Call Costco and
seeif they use that portable terminal you use.

David S. Geller