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[Seeking] Used Laserstar

Looking to purchase a used Laserstar, if you have a extra laser or
getting rid of your current Laserstar please contact me.

Thanks Mike
Mike Holmes
B. C. Clark Inc.

Hi Mike, why look for used when we have great deals currently on new
machines. If budget is a concern as it should be, start with the
iWeld Basic Edition 40J for under $16K. It doesn’t have all the bells
and whistles as the larger LaserStar Series, but its better than
having no laser at all… The performace of this small machine blows
away the competition is the same class with max 5.5 kW peak power and
up to 15HZ shot frequency. The 5.5 kW peak power allows you to even
weld even silver.

Call me at 704-839-9589 as we do have some demo models with full
factory warranty…

Andre Friedmann
LaserStar Tech - Southeast

I am still looking for a used Laserstar Laser Welder.

Mike Holmes
B. C. Clark Inc.
(405) 232-8806

Mike, we may have one used LaserStar 7000 Series left, call yous
sales rep asap as it will not stay around…

Best Regards,

Andre Friedmann
Technical Sales Representative
LaserStar Technologies - Southeast

Still looking for a used LaserStar, I have a budget. Let me know!!!