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[Seeking] Someone to Build Showcases


I am looking to have new jewelry showcases built, to take with me to
trade shows and craft fairs. My old ones, which have served
faithfully for the last 20 years or so, were Abstracta (a modular
system like steel tinkertoys with glass clipped onto them), and I
want to upgrade to something more elegant. I am thinking of cases
made from wood (and glass, of course), but they still need to be
fairly light-weight and be able to come apart quickly to pack into
my minivan with the rest of the booth.

I have been studying other jeweler’s cases to get ideas for how they
can be built so that they come apart easily. In other words, I would
come to the table with a lot of specific ideas about how the cases
could be made, so it wouldn’t be necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Does anyone know of a carpenter or company that they could recommend
for this job? Naturally, someone who has done similar work in the
past would be better able to understand the specialized needs of
both jewelry cases and trade show displays (lightweight, breakdown
quickly, pack away efficiently). I have seen too many instances of
people upgrading to a fantastic new booth, only to abandon it soon
after because it was too heavy, too big, or too time-consuming to
set up.



I have purchased cases from a guy I found who goes to Tucson every
year. David’s Custom Displays, 1-800-879-7513.


You might try these people. They do make cases to order I think.


Amy, don’t overlook the obvious. I have enjoyed some wood cases that
my Dad made for me which nested inside each other. They just had to
be un-nested to use them. They still come in handy when I want to
get in and out of a show quickly, like for a 4 hour show or something
like that. Otherwise, I use Abstracta which takes me 2 hours to set