Seeking rubber or soft plastic product

Hi All, I have an idea in my mind of some jewellery I would like to
make which includes some components made from rubber or some sort of
soft/bendy plastic. Ideally I would like it to have a black or dark
shiney finish.

Does anyone know if there’s a plastic or rubber product out there
that either comes as a liquid to be poured into a mould to set, or
as a block that you can file or carve to shape?

Any sort of leads that anyone can provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Rocky Jackson

check out as they have a number of products
that could match your requirements. Also, call them and ask them
your questions.

There is also a plastic (one name is Adaptit) that does come in
colors (or can be colored) and becomes very malleable when put in
near boiling water. It can be re heated and reformed whenever you
want. Comes in sheets and pellets. Can be used to make masks (heat
and when a bit cooled, put it on the model and form it). I use the
pellets to make custom handles on my wax tools. It works
wonderfully. I know you can get it from Douglas and Sturgess in San
Francisco, CA (888-896-6283) or . Great
folks to deal with. All sorts of mold and casting supplies. I am
not affiliated with them, just very happy with their products and

John Dach

Hi Rocky, Try a well stocked hardware store. Look for some silicon
caulk, It usually comes in a tube about 10" long & about 1 1/2" in
diameter. There are several colors available, but I don’t know if
black is one of them.

One of the colors is a clear caulk. Possibly lamp black or some
other dry black pigment could be mixed prior to molding that’d give
you the desired finish.