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Seeking Malgasi Gems

Fellow Orchids,

I am seeking on gemstone materials originating from

What goods come from there?
Whom should I contact?
Is it safe to travel there?

I hope to get some responses.

Brett Getter
Gemstone Buyer
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The Gem and Mineral Council of the Museum of Natural History in Los
Angeles will be taking a gem tour there next year - Gail

Sounds really interesting, Gail. Do you have any more specific info
on that trip, or contact info?? thanks.


For more about gems from Madagascar, you might want to visit Colored
Stone’s archives and read the articles they’ve written on the
subject. For example, there’s an article on Madagascan ruby’s arrival
on the market in the July/August 2001 issue, wich you can read at the
web site.

If you’re looking to purchase stones from Madagascar, you could try
contacting Tom Cushman from Allerton Cushman. (Sun Valley, Idaho,
phone (208) 726-3675) He exhibits in Tucson, and has always been
generous sharing about the situation in Madagascar with
me. He’s been buying stones there for years. I don’t purchase gems
usually, so I can’t report on my experience with him there. (Well,
except for the pair of matched garnets that I fell in love with and
bought from him…)

As for what gems come from Madagascar, perhaps someone who has been
recently can offer a more complete list, but among those I remember
are ruby, garnet, and fancy sapphire.

There are a number of other dealers who specialize in Madagascar
stones as well: Tom just happens to be the guy I know best. Hopefully
other Orchidians can offer some additional leads, and more
about visiting Madagascar.

I should note, I don’t believe they have many, if any, cutting
facilities in Madagascar, so most of what you would find there would
be rough. (A lot of these stones go to Thailand for cutting.) I’m
sure there are people here who can offer some words about the
potential pitfalls of buying rough, if you’re not familiar with them.

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

You can go to their website I just came
back from a trip to Brazil with them. We visited 10 working gem
mines! and it was great. The leader, Tony Kampf, is the curator of
the gem and mineral collection at the museum and had great
connections to get us in certain places. I have not yet been on the
Africa trip but hear it is good also. I don’t think they have the
trip advertised yet, it is not until next year, but Tony or maybe
Jean Brandt can give you some idea of what they are planning.

Hi gang,

I Just want to add a few words to Suzanne`s article , Well madagascar
DOES NOT have cutting facilities , Why not send them to an Orchidian
for faceting. We do all kinds of stones from sapphires to

best regards
Ahmed Shareek