[Seeking] Job opportunity

Seeking an opportunity to use my existing metalsmithing skills while
obtaining experience performing quality workmanship in jewelry
repair and fabrication.

Learn languages-make friends!

My name is Eva Laufer and I’m an artist from Berlin-Germany. I work
as a designer in jewelry, as a painter and metal sculpture for 20
years. I love all 3 areas but jewelry making is my main source of
income. Last year I was in Northern Ireland for 13 weeks financed by
a grant. I wanted to improve my English by using my skills.

I search for a job opportunity in an English spoken country for 2 or
3 months. I can and like to work a lot. I could provide you with my
knowledge and skills in making and designing jewelry, painting,
education, making sculptures and special metal skills for example
forging and welding. Besides we could work in tandem as in you
learning German and me learning English. It would necessary that I
earn money for board and lodging. I’m interested in art, politics,
doing sports and many other things. I have 2 adult children. Excuse
my simple English. I know sometimes it’s too direct and seemingly
impolite. Go to start again: I want to improve my English. I’m
looking forward to getting a mail from you,

Best Eva