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Seeking Internship Article Info


I’m in the process of writing an article for AJM magazine on the
topic of student internships. I have for some years had a
relationship with the University of Oregon in an ongoing internship
program where metal arts students come into my shop to work for
university credits. If there is anyone out there with similar or
tangential programs I’d love to hear from you. I would ask that you
please contact me directly either via email at
"@Gary_Dawson1" or use my toll free #
800-507-GOLD(4653). (I think the toll-free works worldwide,
nationally for sure.) My time frame is short so I’d appreciate any
contact at your earliest convenience.

I read recently that MJSA (AJM Magazine) and Ganoksin have an info
sharing program in place so any info I gather will ultimately be
available through either Ganoksin directly or certainly on the AJM
web site. Thanks for your participation in advance and thanks to
Hanuman and the Orchid list for making my inquiry possible on such a
broad forum. G

— Gary Dawson
— Goldworks Jewelry Art Studio
—Quality and Integrity…Always!