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[Seeking] Images of Metal Bowls

Hi all,

I am going to be teaching a class at Metalwerx this winter, I am
calling it “Bowls, Bowls, Bowls”. I am putting together a
(powerpoint) “slide show” of images of bowls to show the students.
The intent is to show the range of possibilities, and to inspire them
to create interesting new bowl designs.

Please consider sending me images of bowls by you or your students or
friends—digital or slides, via email or snail mail. You can be sure
that you will get credit, and your name will be on the image. I’d be
glad to do this as a trade, and send images in return, to those of
you who teach!

Cynthia Eid


Many years ago I purchased a collection of slides from the SNAG
archives that illustrated Japanese metal working techniques. It was
a very useful visual-aid tool when teaching jewelry classes. The set
includes about 35- 40 images of beautiful and uniquely fabricated
bowls, urns and tableware. I 'll gladly loan them to you.

Or you may purchase the set directly from SNAG.

The SNAG archivist may have other collections available for sale or

You can contact me directly if you’re interested.

Sincerely, Kim.


I’ve already received some interesting images of bowls! Two people
were simply generous, and one took me up on the offer of a trade.
All three people have pointed out that I did not specify what size
image I need. Since it is for digital projection in a powerpoint, I
THINK that 1 MB is about the ideal size. (If anybody with more
knowledge can tell me what is ideal for a powerpoint, I’d love to
know!). However, I appreciate any image, any size larger than 25 KB.
It is helpful to have info such as the artists’ name in the title of
the photo file, but if you give me the artist’s name, I will be sure
to give credit in the presentation. Email them to me at ceid at
cynthiaeid dot com, if possible.

If you wish images in return from me, let me know what kind, and what

Thanks so much!
Cynthia Eid