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[Seeking] Hand Engraver

A friend of mine recently accepted a commission which involved
hand engraved elements. The person who was to do the work is now
unable to do so. She is furiously looking for a person,
preferably on the eastern seaboard of the United States, to do
the engraving. She has two months but would like to resolve the
problem as soon as possible. Any engravers out there? Linda


If the seacoast area of NH is convenient for you, let me know &
I will give you the name of the engraver I use. I’m sure you’ll
gets lots of response on this one.

Sharon Z.

Tell your friend to contact Greg Reeves of Annapolis Precious
Metals in Annapolis MD. Telephone number is 410-266-9559. He is
a very nice person and his work is beautiful. (He even engraves

Iris in Baltimore

Linda: I can tell you the best hand engraver I have ever seen is
in Corpus Christi,Texas. His name is Albert Bean. I don’t know if
he would want to do whatever it is your friend has or if she
wants to send stuff that far away but this guy is great.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Aloha, If you are not stuck to the thought of an engraver, on the
east coast. You could ask Hienar Tamme (European trained, master
engraver), at Tamme Engraving, P.O.Box 1032,Port Townsend,WA
98368, Phone is 360-385-5250 (last number I have,Haven’t talked to
him in awhile). He was the engraver to the Queen of Denmark(or
Sweden), if my memory serves me.Very fine fellow and likewise,
his wife. You may want to contact the staff at Colonial
Williamsburg (Virginia). I know a guy in El Paso,Texas that
worked at the US Treasury, that engraves old Colt sidearms (if
you can wait). Or you could send it to Hawaii only 10,000
engravers here, doing Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry.

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

Try Melvin Manson (757) 587-8676 in Norfolk Virginia. He used
to be an instructor at Bowman’s in PA. He’s really good!

Wendy Newman