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Seeking Hand Engraver

Ten years ago I created a Collar-of-State for a local university
that included a series of medallions hand engraved with the names of
past presidents and their terms of tenure. The current president is
now retiring and another medallion is required. Unfortunately, the
gentleman who did the original engraving has since died and I have
been unable to locate anyone who does hand engraving and can match
the previous engraving.

The medallion in question is a heavy 2.5" disk of sterling silver
bearing the university shield and a rope edging, which will be heavy
gold plated following engraving. I can provide detailed photos of
the previous lettering for comparison.

If you are interested in this project or can suggest a skilled hand
engraver whom you know and trust, please contact me off-list.

Walk in Beauty,
Susannah Ravenswing
Jewels of the Spirit
Germanton, NC

Alex Sanchez can do the job for you - contact him at - 209-271-9719

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA


I am a hand engraver with 30 years of experience and would be glad
to help you with this project.

John Wade
Wade Designs


Have you gotten any replies on this inquiry? If not, I’d like to
recommend Melissa Veres. She’s a hand-engraver in NJ who I’ve used in
the past, and I must say her work is spectacular. You can reach her

Good luck!
Karen Goeller