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Seeking Employment in Chicago

Good evening, Orchid Community. I come to you hopeful that you’ll be able to help me or offer any advice whatsoever. Roughly four years ago, I moved to Quincy, IL to attend Gem City College for Horology and Gem Setting and Jewelry Design. I found employment at Sturhahn Jewelers in Quincy almost exactly a year ago. I have been making great strides to fully immerse myself in the jewelry industry. Every day I try to push myself to learn more, to improve my sales techniques, and to educate others on the knowledge that I have accumulated working in the industry, because I believe in giving back. I have demonstrated this eagerness to share what I learn by creating numerous, in depth resource materials that I will leave behind for whoever takes my place when I leave this store. For example, I have shared an alloy list on this forum, which I painstakingly assembled over the past couple of years. I am always eager to improve in areas that I fall short in. I am constantly asking questions and I always try to learn from my mistakes. My job is not just another retail job, another paycheck, or a place of stability and routine. The store I work for is my foot in the door to an industry that I have fallen in love with and want to devote my life to, and I thank them for giving me the opportunity that they have. I thank them for the knowledge they have shared with me. I absolutely love the jewelry industry and have shown my passion time and time again, despite my occasional shortcomings and faltering. Anyone can show up to work on time, do the bare minimum to not get fired, and stay within their comfort zone, while never improving, but that is not me. I strive for greatness and I am eager to prove myself.

Due to recent, personal events, I am ready to take the next big step in my life. I have wanted to leave small town USA for a long time (not that there is anything wrong with small towns, it’s just simply not for me), to pursue the metropolitan life with all of the opportunities and connections it has to offer. Chicago is roughly a five hour drive from where I live and I’m not too unfamiliar with the city. I try to visit roughly once every few months to visit friends that I have up there, so I’m able to get around the city with relative ease, not to mention the fact that I don’t have too much anxiety about going from such a small area to a massive, condensed one. I welcome this new experience with open arms. My current employer is aware of my intentions and is also attempting to help me find new employment in Chicago. I am grateful for the help I’m receiving beyond expression, but I felt that it would be unwise of me not to post about it here as well. Ideally, I would like to move by January, February at the very latest. My long-time best friend lives in Chicago and has for the past two years and is completely on board with being my roommate if I find employment and move up there. We have been discussing locations already, but obviously none of this can happen if I am unable to find work. As far as what kind of work I am looking for, I am open to whatever I can find. I’m interested in anything from sales, bench work, diamond sales, wholesale, etc, I am happy to try it, as long as I can afford to pay rent on time, afford groceries, and other expenses. I am 23 and have plenty of time to try anything in the industry, but if you look at my previous post history, you’ll see where my ambitions lie and what I want to ultimately accomplish in the world of jewelry. I am currently building a resume, but would be happy to send over any information through private messages if requested. If you know anyone in the Chicago area who is seeking help, or are an employer yourself who needs help, look no further. Not only am I a diligent worker, I am passionate and want to be in this industry for the rest of my life.


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Hi Austin,

It has been a few years since you posted this. Are you still insterested in work in the big city? I have full time (40hrs/week) high-end bench work position, in Texas. Let me know if you are interested.