[Seeking] Apprenticeship in Midcoast Maine

Hello fellow Orchid Members. I was wondering if anyone in Mid-Coast
(I live in Camden) may be interested in doing an apprenticeship with
me? The skills I have now are all self taught, (mostly with silver as
I cannot afford gold) I am looking to go to the next level so I can
fabricate/construct the jewelry I see in my minds-eye. I am
particularly interested in learning all types of settings and graver
use but also gold fabrication and of course the business side of

I would have a lot to offer someone as I have a large skill set from
which to draw upon such as any manner of office work, web design and
development, all manner of graphics, sales, etc. It is my fondest
hope that I would be able to strike up a mutually beneficial
relationship whereby I could help someone grow their business using
these skills and at the same time gain jewelry
setting/construction/fabrication knowledge and skills to take my
jewelry making forward.

I have been involved in the arts all my life, I do have a degree in
photography from the Maine Photographic Workshop/UMA - earlier in
life I was a painter (oils), a silk-screener, etc. I fell in love
with jewelry a couple of years ago when I was making canes and briar
tobacco pipes and used silver to augment the pieces I was working on,
and now wish to make jewelry my life’s work. It is the first thing on
my mind when I awake and the last thing I think of when I go to sleep
at night - to say I have an obsession would be putting it mildly!

Everyone tells me the days of apprenticeships are long gone but as I
cannot afford to go to school I thought I would at least try to see
if there was a kind soul out there who may have mercy on me, you
would not find a more eager apprentice. I am honest, punctual, have
an impeccable work ethic. I learn very fast and am willing to work
24/7 any time day or night and as I said I do have many other skills
which perhaps you have a need for.

If you would like references and a current resume I would be happy
to provide them for you. I do have a website at
http://www.threeangelsforge.com so if you like you may see some of
the things I have done. I know to most of you the work seen there
will seem very basic - this is why I am seeking an apprenticeship to
gain knowledge and increase my skills.

Thank You All VERY Much for Your Time and Consideration

Rick Harwood