Security - Off site camera recording

Hi All,

I would like to set up a camera system that can be captured by a PC
and sent to a remote location for storage over the internet. (I have a
DSL connection) I’d also like to have the ability to log in and see
the camera/s live from a remote location.

Does anyone have experience with this? I had a company quote me a
price of $5,500 for a set up that included a dedicated PC but that
seemed a little pricey.

Any suggestions welcome,


Pricey. Um. Yeah…

You don’t need a dedicated computer unless the location with the
camera’s doesn’t have a computer. In that case, almost any cheap
computer will work, even a used older one perhaps. Essentially, you
want a web cam. pretty easy to set up. For types specifically
designed for lower cost security, one firm that does this sort of
system is X-10 (, though I hesitate to suggest them due
to the ridiculous snake oil flavor of the web site’s marketing, and a
past history of spamming and pop up ads that makes me reluctant to
buy from them just out of spite. The make it look like this great
once in a lifetime sale offer is always ending just today… (don’t
believe it.) But from a few online comparisons I did once, the
quality overall seems fairly adequate, though hardly as amazing as
they make it sound. Still, the do offer pretty much turn key systems,
cameras and software that is, supply your own computer) to do pretty
much what you’re describing. I’d expect you could set up a system
with several cameras for well under a thousand… Start there perhaps
for orientation, then search for home automation systems on the web.
With some creative googling, you should be able to find what you
need. I’d be willing to bet that there’s likely some way to do the
software end of this pretty cheaply, perhaps even shareware or
freeware, somewhere out there. Some cameras might already be bundled
with some or most of the software you need to connect to the
computer, and much of the rest is pretty much standard web
networking, already part of many operating systems.

I’m reminded, by your price, of a young friend of mine, just starting
out as a jewelry designer, who just finished putting up a new web
site to show her designs. Nicely done site, it does what’s promised
as a simple e-commerce site. But she paid about the same price you
were quoted for your cameras to have this designed. I know a few
people who’d have done it just as well, maybe better, for one less
zero in the price… If she’d only asked me, I could easily have
connected them to their mutual benefit. … Oh well.



Very easy too do much cheaper. Use a Veo Internet camera and get an
accessory motion detector. Use a decent grade of video card in your
pc onsite with a vhs recorder connected. Then pay for a subscription
to “GOTOMYPC”. You will be able to login, view and pan with the
camera. Even record live video to the harddrive, or stills. You can
even talk with a burglar while he is standing in your store. Also, if
you have employees, and you are away from the store, you could spy on
them randomly. With the motion detector and vhs recorder, if someone
comes in, it detects them and begins to record, as well as have the
pc send emails with video attachments to any email address that you
like. The downside is that any criminal worth his salt will cut your
phoneline 1st. A cable hookup is better because they are less likely
to cut it. Alarm companys send a signal over the phone line to detect
cutting, and if a cut is detected, then they are supposed to call the
police. But I know from personal experience, that most alarm
companies are relatively useless. In addition, a seperate motion
detector and phone dialer will call you at a designated number to
inform you of activity on the premises(if the phoneline hasnt been
cut). All this can be done for less than $800+pc + monthly internet


I’ve been looking into the same thing. The PC cards run about
$100-200 depending on how many cameras you want to hook up. Check on
ebay there are a lot of systems for $2000 +/-.

-Stanley Bright

Search eBay for seller <snip - Sorry no Ebay links on Orchid>. They
have a 4 camera DVR system similar to one I bought from them last
year for about $1000. I’m more than happy with it and the seller. You
can view and control the system over the internet.


To get an idea of what’s available, and the price ball parks, try
this site:

They have prices that are in line with most suppliers, and their
site has good layman

Not affiliated, I just get their catalogs periodically.

The price you got may seem high, but if a DVR is involved, it’s not
an unusual price range.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR

Sorry, didn’t know a seller name was the same as a link. Try this


As a former Senior Account Manager for A Darn Tempest, I’ve designed
alot of high-end surveillance systems. My tech-saavy eBay customers
were getting the same functionality for about 1/3 the cost. 4
cameras and “connection to pc” card is ~$1,500.

The low light cameras with the built in infrared lighting that
allows viewing in near black darkness are much less cost there too.
Of course, call the 800# and find out what type of installation
support you will receive. And most importantly, can you understand
how they explain things.

Due to the cost, like most technology, when the stuff breaks - it’s
time to get new/upgrade. The service and support is what you are
charged lots more for. I’d say if you can climb the ladder to string
the wire in the first place, ordering a swap-out camera to plug in
will yield $3,500+ in saving.

If you have some kind of clue of what your doing, and not afraid to
crack the case, try

Usually very economical computer stuff, and I saw in the last
catalog they have some security cards, even for multiple camera set
ups at pretty reasonable prices.

Might not have just what you want, but might at least give you



Listen to Brett. I own a security company (and I am also a bench
jeweler) and the advice that Brett gives you is right on the money.
Buy it from the source he mentions as I have alos bought many systems
from that vendor (Randy) and re-sell with installation for many $
more. I own the 4 channel DVR and I have it hooked up to four cameras
at my house and I use it mainly to demo the system. It is awesome. I
can view my property from anywhere in the world and unfortunately for
my kids, there are no parties going on while we are away. The price
he sells his stuff for on the internet is dirt cheap and even as a
dealer, I can only buy these for a few dollars less. Good Luck!

Shardan Jewelry
Keystone Security & Electronics Co., Inc.