Security in Shipping

Sharon raises some good points about security. We usually use
UPS; frequently, we ship small pieces of jewelry or watches in
the long triangular UPS “tubes” which definitely won’t fit in any
person’s pocket.

Also, abbreviations are used quite commonly on shipping labels,
frequently in tiny print. (I’m not going to put the
abbreviation for “Rolex” into e-mail, & I hope that nobody else
does either.)

We use other security procedures too, but I’m not going to give
away all of our secrets on the Internet. :slight_smile:

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Interesting thread. I shipped a customer a sterling candelabra
that I had repaired. The customer received the package but the
box was crushed and the piece smashed. He called me about the
damage and I called UPS and a “call tag” was issued. The package
was picked up, a claim submitted and I awaited the return of the
candelabra. No package. Its seems the item “disappeared” from
the time it was picked up. This was a year ago, still no package.
I had it insured, ground-tracked, signature required. I’m amazed
that this thing just “vanished”.

Jim Waggener

In Canada it’s interesting to note that precious jewellery
cannot be insured through the post office, except as a money
packet and then only in value up to $100. We learned the hard way
about ten years ago when a registered and insured (for $1000)
package of jewellery was lost between two post offices. We had
been registering and adding extra insurance for years before this
and noone in the local post office had ever advised us otherwise.
As soon as we went to claim the insurance, the post office
described the fine print. They paid us $100 as a public relations

We investigated other couriers to find that most will not insure
precious jewellery (some will insure costume jewellery). UPS was
the exception. But they have a recent new policy (in Canada at
least), of a maximum $500 value on insurance where the package
contains jewellery. Probably worth checking this out in the
States, too.

Andrew Goss
Goss Design Studio