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Security doors on jewellery stores

Hi Guys,

The recent discussion on security in the jeweller’s store popped
into my mind when I was visiting the local shopping centre (trans:

The was only one store that had a security entry, the others had no
such form of protection.

The stores that didn’t have the security door were very
approachable, and not intimidating, and the level of jewellery
manufactured was from reasonable to fine individual work. I observed
people looking in the windows, and going into the stores, discussing
things with the staff. The stores had customers, constant trade.

The store that did have the security door, gave me a sense that the
store had “very valuable” items inside, but it also made me feel
intimidated. I observed that no one was looking in the windows.
Maybe they thought “there’s no way I can afford that, so why bother
looking”. The sole staff member inside looked extremely bored.

I decided to look at the store a little while longer, so I milled
around for about 15 minutes, and finally I saw one person look in the
window, and enter the store. The staff member immediately gave the
customer his full attention.

I concluded that the staff in the store were very safe, but had less
in the way of customer turn around. The shopping centre may not have
been the most suitable place for a security door, but it did
demonstrate their positives and negatives.

I think the best place for a security door is in a quite location,
otherwise it’s a way to discourage custom.

Regards Charles A.