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Secure ring pearl setting

Hello Regina As I have seen posted also use a post that is close to
the size of hole in your pearl.

Epoxy is the best for gluing stones to metal. 5 Minute or 1 hour
epoxy from any jewellery supply will work well though I prefer 1
hour. It actually sets in one hour but you should let it cure a full
24 hours. One note make very sure that you mix the 2 parts of the
epoxy equally, if you don’t the epoxy won’t work proper. Also do not
mix on plastic as it somehow interferes with it sticking. Just take
a small piece of tin foil put a dab of each part of epoxy and mix
with toothpick, apply, let set , discard foil and toothpick and you
are done.

A little extra epoxy left at the bottom of the pearl will cover any
chips and it dries clear. Or you can crush up a little nacre from a
piece of another broken pearl and add to mixture to color. Epoxy
will seal pearl against pealing if it completely covers any open
spot, especially on bottom of post.

Pearls are formed in layers as the clam covers up irritants, such as
sand or implants in grown pearls, the nacre gives it a smooth
surface and the longer it is there I believe the larger it grows.
From experience pearls if damaged can peal.

Note that 5 minute epoxies are not listed as entirely waterproof,
the one hour stuff is a more permanent choice.

Jack R.