Second Job

Hi Everybody:

To make a really long story short, I’m looking into becoming a
full-time accountant/part-time (jewelry designer, jeweler, artist,
beader…whatever you feel like calling it) in September.

It’s been my dream for a long time to be a full-time jeweler and a
never-time accountant…but (after 9 years as a stay-at-home Mom)
the isolation of working here all day with just me and the dog is
finally getting to me. I need some society time…and health
insurance :slight_smile:

I’m excited to be “getting out” and nervous at the same time. I
don’t want to be a whiny baby, I’m ready for this. I just was
wondering (as I know many, many here balance career and jewelry) if
you guys could share a little of your experience.

I imagine that I could still do a show or two and have my work in a
couple of galleries and sell on the soon-to-be-coming
website…this is naive right? I am ever the optimist.


p.s. at least, if I have a job, I will be able to pay for the
classes I want to take :slight_smile:

Kim Starbard
Unique Jewelry Designs