Seattle jewelry attractions

I just found out that I’m being sent to Seattle for my other job for
a few days in mid-April. Are there some “not to be missed” things
there? I’ve been there as a tourist, before I was into jewelry, so
I’ve done some things. Just thinking that it doesn’t hurt to consult
the experts!!

Thanks, Elizabeth

visit facere gallery

facere Gallery is an excellent place to visit. In the City Centre
building at 1420 Fifth Avenue between Pike and Union

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Yes, Facere. And Fox’s Gem Shop, about 5th & Virginia if memory

Wayne Emery

Visit Facere Gallery.

1420 5th Avenue, City Centre Building

You will enjoy it!

Seattle: I think Flying Shuttle is still in business, the oldest of
craft shops. Excellent displays and great jewelry as well.

Ruth Mary