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Searching for Star Beads 4mm

I have looked for star beads in Rio, Fire Mountain and Shipwreck
Beads. If I could find a bright blue, or cobalt blue would be
great. Next choice would be a silver color, moving on down to red
or white.

Any other ideas to search for this?

Thank you,
Sharon Perdasofpy

For star beads you might try Earthstone at 212-563-4990, or Bally
Bead Co, 1-800-543-1280

Janet Kofoed

Try The shop telephone number is on their
website. Thelzeda Moore.

Aloha Janet, Just read your inquiry into star beads. What type of
star beads are you looking for? We have Sterling Silver star beads,
5.5, 6.5, 8mm Sterling Frosted beads available for:

5.5mm SS = $1.70 each
6.5mm SS = $1.90 each
8mm SS   =   $2.50 each  

all are frosted ( has the pave style look). Currently, we are selling
per piece. In the future we shall sell by the gram weight. We have
two suppliers working with us to fill our beading needs. SS - Star-
beads, write me off line for details. I believe our inventory also
carries quarter moon Sterling Silver beads. Mahalo, BJ in Hawaii