Searching for special sterling silver bracelets

I realize this is more of a lapidary forum, but someone might have a
lead on a supplier of a particular style of bracelet I bought a few
months ago. I bought a number of these wavy and zigzag sterling
silver bracelets. Now the supplier no longer carries them. I use
these as a base for wire sculpture jewelry that I make. I need to
find another supplier. I’ve been searching the internet for a US
supplier, but so far, no luck. It’s even more frustrating because not
only do I have clients who are ordering these bracelets, but I need
to write a magazine article about my work, and must list where I get
my supplies.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,


I realize this is more of a lapidary forum, 

Your first sentence is incorrect. This is not “more of a lapidary
forum”. Orchid does include a lot of about lapidary work
but it is all inclusive, having to do with any subject, however
remotely connected to jewelry and metalsmithing. I don’t think that
any one subject is dominant on Orchid.

my 2 cents,

Joel Schwalb

Hi Miachelle,

Who was your old supplier? did the bracelets have a specific name?
Can you link a picture somehow? You might try Indian Jewelry
Suppliers in Santa Fe, or there are loads of silver suppliers here
in L.A., if I better knew what the bracelets look like.

Lisa,(Trying to drag myself into the studio at 8:20 am, but the tug
of tea and cookies is proving too strong), Topanga, CA USA

The old supplier was Fire Mountain Gems. I’ve looked at Rio Grande,
and the only folks who are selling these wave bracelets are people in
the UK-by the time you pay for shipping and handling, and add the
element of time, it’s not very cost effective or attractive to
readers of a magazine article. item no: bb7085

The link above is the closest example I can find.


I bought a number of these wavy and zigzag sterling silver
bracelets. Now the supplier no longer carries them 

Miachelle, since this is a specialty in your line, consider making a
bracelet base similar to what you need as a pattern so that you can
have them cast for you. This would give you the opportunity to build
into the design your own style and incorporate any modifications you
must make when working with the commercial bracelet.

There are folks here on Orchid who can help you out with making the
pattern and mold and with casting them to your specifications. There
would be an upfront cost for getting started but then you would
control your source and the continuing costs would in time be more
economical than purchasing the commercial product for your base as
you have in the past.

Pam Chott item no: bb7085 

Miachelle, go to they have something in their
silver catalog (it’s a pdf), but it’s a full bangle (no open space)
hope that helps!


Uh…look in the Rio catalogue Aug. 2005-2006, page 745. Item
#693-806. looks a lot like the bracelet that you are looking for.
There is a larger size as well. Knew I had seen it somewhere…

Lisa, (Dogs have moved, cats are now eyeing the couch. Good thing I
don’t let the goats or the horse indoors.) Topanga, CA USA