Searching for golden screws

Hi folks, I am on the search for a manufacturer of golden screws. I
have found that I can buy nice little screws from Frei and Borel
however, I need to buy hundreds perhaps 1000’s of them. this is not
an item that they stock large numbers of.

I have searched and searched for a source, I even went to Italy twice
to find them. I thought I had it covered and my Italian company
dropped the ball on me. Please, please does anyone know anywhere I
can get larger quantities and perhaps even custom order a screw? I
like the ones from Frei, they are OK, but they are not really the
shape or size that I would prefer to use. thanks, Dennis

Hello Dennis Loss,

In case you cannot find a manufacturer of golden screws in small
quantities, consider getting a micro-size tap and die set. They you
can make as many as you want in your preferred size. MicroMark has
such an item. Check it out. Product 14153

Best of luck on finding a source, Judy in Kansas, where the temps
are to exceed 100 degrees F and after the recent rain, the humidity
will soar too!


I often manufacture for other OEM in the precious metals business. I
only do high quality, which most people want, but really can’t
afford. You need to be more specific about what you are looking for.
What size specifically; thread size, pitch, screw length, top shape
and size, alloy content, final use to determine hardness
requirements and any special needs. Contact me by email if you are

Daniel Culver
D.L. Culver Studio
PO Box 941
Lebec, CA 93243

Hi Dennis,

I recommend J.I. Morris Company in Mass. 508.764.4394. They have
brass/stainless steel nuts and bolts in a variety of sizes and head

Good luck,

Reactive Metals has 22K gold plated