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Searching for beautiful leather


I design pendants and I have been searching for over 6 months for
the right leather cord. My designs are mostly silver and they are
pretty simple so the leather, which must be very soft, is very very
important to the overall pieces. I have had several stores approach
me and want to see samples but I am not willing to compromise on the
cord. I have heard of Coi Leather but cannot find a source. Does
anyone have any suggestions? I am also planning to waterproof the
leather by soaking them in Creatin.

Does anyone have any experience with this as well?
Thank you!

Hi Dana, seems reasonable.

I prefer to make my own cord, out of lace, it looks interesting, and
I can control how soft or hard I want it to be.

If you want soft leather, see if you can buy a stained leather cord
as opposed to a coated cord. You can get fancy and buy commercial
leather softeners or oils, or you can rub in Vaseline. The Vaseline
softens leather, and it protects it also.

I don’t know what Creatin is, or what it does to the structure of
the leather.

Leather is basically skin, so it’s not the most durable product. The
softer it is the more wear it will sustain.

Regards Charles A.

Try TANDY Leather Co, or get their catalog. You may have a TANDY in
your town, if not, go to the net and order your product and a

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ

Besides Tandy, another company of theirs is The Leather Factory, in
Ft Worth, Dallas, Wichita, around U.S. now.

Sharon Perdasofpy

Another company is named: deadcowleathersupply dot com I don’t know
if they are still in Santa Cruz, CA, but I used to buy leather from


I have made useful and decorative leather goods most of my life, so I
understand that you want beautiful leather…but…

if these pendants are going to be hanging around someone’s neck…
they will eventually absorb body oils…no matter what you do.

And, I’d be very careful about what chemicals I chose to use on
leather that someone is going to have in contact with their skin.