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Searching for bamboo hoop wire errings


have been looking for years so finally decided to ask for assistance
from the experts who know all and see and have all…

years ago for my graduation (i’m 58 now) my parents bought me a pair
of bamboo hoop pierced wire not post earrings. about the size of a
quarter or smaller, and fairly dainty, not thick. parents are now
gone, i lost mom year ago last december, and i have been trying to
replace those earrings, that i loved for many years. i lost them in a
move, an entire box of jewelry was missing after we had “assistance
from friends and their kids” help us move to our new house years ago.
our waterbed mattress was used as a slip and slide also. that was
replaced. can’t find the earrings.

they can be post, 10k or 14k these were yellow but my wedding set is
white gold, it doesn’t matter. i know it is dumb, i’m now stage 4
with the stupid cancer and really want to have those back… i know,
makes no sense but if anyone has a pair, could you get in touch with
me off list… it just would make me really happy, and i figured
with all the stock that is out there with orchids… thanks can’t
crochet these suckers in gold

wild poppy designs


Do you have any image of earrings you are looking for? That would be
helful to search them. I hope you will find them soon.