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Searching for a Tool

Hi David

Is it possible that you have a side view of this tool? It looks like
a beautiful handmade something or other.

I’d also like to piggyback on the workshop conditions thread:

I’m one of the lucky ones. I live in a beautiful place at about 6600
ft near the Sangre de Christo Mtns.; otherwise known as the southern
tip of the Rockies. I’m by myself in my studio; I love solitude. Many
work better with others in a group. I work best alone. All the tools
that make my work easier and safer I get. I have an iMac both for the
internet and audio streaming. Visitors only by appointment. My wife
knows my work habits. She leaves me alone. I can step out of the
studio door and see snow capped mts at abt 12,500’. I don’t do it
often but it’s there.

Have, to the degree possible, what makes you happy and comfortable
and you’ll do good work. I don’t have employees, but if I did they
would deserve the same. If they don’t produce good work, get rid of
them. If they’re good people. good working conditions will make them

The broadtail and black chinned hummers are back in numbers.