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Searching for 18 ga brass wire

Hello Orchidians,
I am coming up dry in my search for some 18 ga brass wire. If all else fails, I’m thinking of twisting two (24 or 22 ga) wires and pulling through my draw plate to get the desired diameter. Has anyone advice on:

  • A source of 18 ga brass wire
  • How to best draw twisted wires - based on experience.

At any rate, drawing twisted wired could be a fun experiment. However, I am really interested in picking the fertile brains of Orchidians.

Judy in Kansas, who has nearly completed all the paperwork for figuring out the 2017 tax hit.

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I have a big spool of 18 ga brass wire from Rio Grande. It is still listed
in the current catalog, although I bought mine years ago.


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I have bought 18 gauge wire from Ace Hardware and been very happy with the price and quality.

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Thanks Bobby,
That’s the one hardware store I’ve not checked. Hope our local one has the brass wire I need.
Appreciate your sharing your source!
Judy In Kansas

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