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Sealling Resin Jewerly

Hello everyone,

Im new to the forum and need some advice.

I am starting to make my own resin jewerly (using embedded objects)
and its going very well. ive successfully made my own moulds and
poured resin to make some really funky pieces. my next step is how
to polish them?

When i pop them out of the moulds the front of them is allready very
clear and smooth but is there anything i can use to seal the top? i
have been sanding the back and sides with wet dry sand paper (using
different grades) to give a matt look, my problem is that the front
of the piece is still abit tacky but i dont want to sand it…just
seal it.

can anyone help?

Hi Erika,

For polishing your pieces, use wet sandpaper that goes to 12000 grit.
Either 3M or MicroMesh will work. 3M products are available through
Rio, Gesswein, Stuller, etc. MicroMesh I believe is available through
Small Parts.

For sealing your pieces, if you want a shiny finish, use Krylon
Acrylic Spray. For a matte look, they also have Matte Finish.

In order to polish your pieces, the resin must be completely dry and
solid. If they are tacky after 24 hours, your mix ratio is not

Good luck!

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