Sealing against tarnishing


I’m brand new at this and still have plenty to learn.

I made my wife a pendant for our 27th wedding anniversary. She
really liked it J but it’s reacting badly to the sunscreen she wears.
It’s tarnishing really, really fast.

This particular piece is in fine silver, nugold and enamel, but I
often work in copper, sterling or ancient bronze.

What are good things to seal/protect pieces against tarnish?


Dear David:

I have been using PROTECTA CLEAR for the past 6 months & have been
satisfied with this product. It’s $40.00/quart. I pour it into a
small baby food jar & either paint it on or dip it. I do it in my
garage with the door open for good ventilation & I let it dry 24 hrs.

I’ll be interested in knowing what the rest of the Orchid community
says about this product…

Regards, Audie’s Images-

I purchase this from:

i have experimented with tung oil and i like the result on
low-contact things like ear rings.

i live about 1/5 mile from the gulf coast[salty air], and a pair of
[part] copper ear rings i coated at the end of last summer are still
quite ‘pink’.


I’ve been a proponent of this product for about a year now. The only
problem with it is that you can’t seal a patina’d matte finish. But
I’ve had a copper bracelet coated with ProtectaClear in the South
Florida heat and humidity for almost a year now and it still looks
as bright and shiny as when I first dipped it. A brass test piece has
been half sealed half unsealed since October. The sealed side looks
like the original polished bright brass, the other side is almost
black! I love this stuff!

MikiCat Designs