Sculptural Crocheting with Wire

Joan Dulla will be teaching Sculptural Crocheting with Wire.

Enjoy being able to take your “work” with you. You will learn the
basic to advanced techniques of crocheting with wire, from the single
stitch tubular form - from which you can make chains for necklaces or
pendants, to the more advanced free form -which you can go
sculptural. Using this unique method of “knitting” using crochet hook
with silver, copper wire and niobium wire, the class will consist of
an introduction of the “knitting” technique and demonstrations of the
single stitch, double stitch, chain making, and bead forms. Also
included will be addition of beads to your work, plus a demonstration
of anodizing niobium.

Dates and Times

October 7,8,9, 2003
Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield , CT  203-775-4526

October 11,12th 2003
Metalwerx, Woburn, MA  781.937.3532

October  25, 26, 2003
Metals Edge Studio
Scottsdale, Az      Contact  Carol Berger Taylor   480-456-6982

December 5, 6, 7, 2003
Florida Society of Goldsmiths,  Inc
Sunrise, Fl    contact Beth Katz 964-575-1098 or Teddy Katzenstein
305-792-2182 for information

If you have any questions, contact Joan at