Sculpting materials in India


Someone at the Crafts Center at the University of California at San
Diego said that Orchid might be able to give me some information
about how to find some sculpting materials in India. I am living in
Kerala, India and am looking for an alternative to plaster for
pouring into molds. I know that you can find this kind of thing in
Europe or the US, but I don’t know where to look in India. Can you
help me out?

Thank you in advance.
Carolyn Quintella

hi, since you have computer access, join, its free and
install mcafee’s free site advisor to your computer, then post buy
orders and in minutes you’ll have offers, particularly since you’re
there! It is primarily for import export traders but has anything
you can dream of right there. make certain when setting your
preferences that you do it with time considerations in mind or you’ll
get so many trade alerts in many categories if you use a by the hour
vsn service, you’ll spend all your time deleting email.always barter
on prices, and tell them a representative will come by their location
to deal directly with the seller.inspect the molding compound,
plaster, investment, etc…dental suppliers have algicin - something
to keep in mind if you want sturdy molds for pmc or clay uses,but not
direct metal pouring. cuttlefish bone for casting is gatherable on
the beaches in kerala…free, excelent source of casting media…i
don’t know what you’re after but its all there on india mart…make
sure to wear sandals at a minimum if foraging kerala’s beaches, for
health reasons (and beach tar)., as it is a number of villages
bathrooms… for many years…in the marketplaces cuttlefish/ sephia
-sepia fish/squid bones are available near the fishmongers areas…if
you need packaged products there is even a pmc guild in kerala
state…but its a big area, so try the indiamart route first…mailing
supplies or boating them through kerala’s backwaters is easily
arranged for little rupees, only use us dollars in person…if you
need more info than this write me off orchid and i’ll answer in a day
or so as i’m away from my personal computer in New Orleans at the
moment…oh, the westerners- as they are called from the mata
anandamyi math are big into crafting and know all the places to get
stuff ( kollum i think is closest) so if you see any of 'em ask for
mata sneha, a relative of mine from san fransisco who lives there
seasonally.She works for the crafts and swimming and computer parts
of the ashram and can direct you in english how to get where, what
and from who the quickest way…again, write if more info is needed.
india’s a big crowded daunting place if trying to get anything done
quickly…i used to live there years ago myself…R