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Scroll saw for 12g sheet

Hi there

I searched the archives regarding scroll saws and the only
discussion I found was in 1999.

My work relies primarily on hand sawing 12g sheet. Needlesstosay I
saw all the time. Most jeweler friends think I am insane, but that’s
the direction my work went. In the past week my arm feels totally
blown out and of course I knew this could happen but did not prepare.
The choice of stopping all of it and recreating the wheel is
overwhelming but perhaps that is the only option unless…

Does anyone know of a scroll saw that will cut with precision, as if
one used a hand saw, though 12g SS? How about other cutting options?

Thanks so much for any advice!

    I searched the archives regarding scroll saws and the only
discussion I found was in 1999. 

Hi Kim -

I posted a similar question this past July about 14 ga sheet. I got
tons of great advice.

Go to the Archives (they are hard to use for sure - I did a search
for all sorts of words and still didn’t get this thread!) and go to
July 2004, and the third page, there are about 20 answers to the
question about “Efficient cutting for 14 ga sheet”

As it turned out for me the scroll saw broke too many blades and was
slow for the shapes I needed (a different shape for each piece, so
blanks for press cutting were out). What I use is a good old hand
held electric jigsaw with a fine-tooth metal cutting blade – works
fabulously (very clean cuts) and zips out a dozen pieces in just a
few minutes. You can mask the top of the metal to cut down on
scratches. I clean up the pieces with my belt sander - voila, easy as
can be and no more going crazy spending hours cutting my pieces.

Good luck and contact me if you want more info on this way to cut.


Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona


Taylor manufacturing of Rialto Calif. has a saw with a tilting table
that I use for cutting out Rt stamp dies. You go through quite a few
blades, but it works. I see them at the Tucson show in the tool


Hi Kim. Here is one that might fit the bill.
Item Number: 60514 

Item Number: 60514

Apologies it seems the url was chopped in the mail. Copy the item
number and then click the link to open the Micro-Mark Home Page. At
the far right top of the page is a search window for “Item #”. Paste
the item number to this search window and click go. This should
arrive you at the desired page depicting a scroll saw designed to
accept standard Jeweller’s Sawblades. I cannot attest to the
veracity of this contraption but thought it might be of interest.
Regards, David

kim -

borrow a small bandsaw & try using that for cutting your 12 g. mine
is a 9" - that means there is a 9" space between the blade & the
housing - ryobi bandsaw with an 1/8 inch metal blade. i use some
double sided tape to hold the silver to about 3/16" balsa wood
pieces - this double layer of material prevents kickbacks that can
happen while cutting soft metal like silver on a bandsaw. the scroll
saw didn’t seem to have the power needed for the thicker metal &
took longer & the blade wore out quickly. check local pawn shops for
the saw - they get new items like that frequently.

good luck -
people, life may not be a cabaret, but neither is it a pity party.

I bought the micromark saw but… It takes forever to put in a new
blade. The blade breaks frequently with metal.

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040