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Screen printing enamels

If you can find references to advertising plaques street signs and
company signs from the 1800s till probably the 1950s you will be
amazed at the variety of possibilities. And Size. Showing the
potential. These were screen printed, on copper or steel on a dipped,
clear or white enamel on both sides then fired and colours built up
layer by layer each fired progressivly. Now these enamels were
probably lead and would have been very fine ground probably using gum
tragaganth??? or similar gum / glue, gum arabic? as a medium.

I knew a polish enameler in London who did huge enamelling pieces, 8
foot x 4 foot using clear enamel on to prepared copper sheet heating
them from the back to just set the enamel using a huge propane torch.
Then worked on the front using the flame directly on the enamel and
producing a variety of colours, amazing stuff. Back in 1964. Not to my

If you want to see good enamelling google Caroline del Zoppo or
Australian enamelers.

David Cruickshank. Australia

I don’t remember the actual comment here. Yes, enamel is still being
used via silk screening in this country. Their are several companies
still creating US park service signs. KVO Industries in Santa Rosa,
CA is doing this.

I have been doing some vitreus enamel silk screening on enamel /
steel plates.

The best I can offer you is to contact Thompson Enamels.
They sell silkscreening kits and also you have the best technological
skills present at Thompson.

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan
Ventura, CA