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Molly, I never use emery paper , I only use white diamond, black
rouge then red rouge.  I can always get a mirror finish.  Why do
you use emery paper? are you emerying the surface to just the
edges.  Try giving this pair of earring a satin finish, then start
again using 24 gauge silver, try to get your final product without
the emery paper.  Hope this helps.  By the way, I really love black
rouge on silver.  It cuts just enough to soften edges and enriches
the silver look.

A lot of people must have stronger ear lobes than I do. I make
earrings from 26, 28, and sometimes 30 gauge. A lot of sanding can
be done on 26 gauge. If you don’t need to sandpaper, are these
highly textured earrings? If not, you must be a fantastically
careful worker.

Marilyn Smith
Midwest America

Didn’t we just get asked to put our geographical location on our