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Scrapping out

… into the waste barrel that I send to my refiner for

I have only recently begun collecting for refining and I am
wondering if you have any suggestions on items that I haven’t
thought of. The obvious ones I’m stashing are: drawer sweeps,
used sandpaper and used buffs. I hadn’t thought of the pickle.
What else am I missing? Is it worth vacuuming the area and
including the bag? I was also wondering where one can obtain a
55 gal. drum?

The drum that I was refering to was sent to me by the refinery
(United) that I deal with for the low grade stuff. (I send
filings, bench sweeps and chunks to Hoover and Strong). It holds
about 30 lbs or so. Its about 15" in diameter and 15" high. Its
amazing how the stuff accumulates- we throw in vacuum bags, paper
towels used to wipe the sludge out of the ultrasonic, and yes- I
knew some people in Providence who gutted and scrapped out the
interior of a building and renovated it with the money from
refining all the flooring.

It is very worthwhile especially if you do a fair amount of gold

Rick Hamilton