Scottsdale, AZ jewelry attractions

I will be in Scottsdale, AZ the last 2 weeks of August, and would
like some suggestions for area classes, or cab/ stone, or jeweler
suppliers. Thanks for your suggestions.

Rose Peterson Myers


The next town over is Mesa and they have a very nice Arts Center with
a fully outfitted jewelry fabrication room. I took a weekend workshop
there during the Spring on Argentium Fusing. Check them out


Hi Rose,

Google Mesa Center for the Arts for jewelry workshops and Lonnie’s
Jewelry Supply in Phoenix for other fun stuff. Ask for Sue if you go
to Lonnie’s, she is very knowledgeable and a great gal.

Lynn Ballinger

Another good source is the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in
downtown Phoenix (15th Ave. and Washington). In addition to a large
collection of minerals and gems, it has a complete lapidary shop and
a gift shop that carries lots of neat stuff from books and fossils
to some rough and finished pieces.


While the suggestion to stop at the Arizona Mining and Mineral
Museum was a great one, it’s continued operation is (or was when I
left this spring) in doubt. Some powers to be want to re-identify the
building to support the “four C’s”, or Climate, Citrice, Cattle, and
Copper. If this goes,(went) through, we will have lost one of the
best exhibitions of minerals anywhere. They also have an outstanding
exhibit of mining equipment, including one of the last working stamp
mills in existence. When I left they had a great shop with many
mineral samples to buy and a good selection of rock hounding books.
It is certainly worth the trip to the down town area to check it out.

Tom Parish