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Scottish/Celtic Metalwork Design

   I make constructed pieces (mainly using silver) and am
looking for info on Scottish and Celtic metalwork- Celtic
knots, Kilt clasps and brooches, etc. I like to get inspiration
from photos, so technical books aren't a must (tho they would
also be appreciated) Thanks for any assistance.

I have a great book called “Celtic Design” by Iain Zaczek
Although there is nothing “technical” about it, it does contain
more that 1500 Celtic Patterns and motifs, as well as numerous
line drawings of jewelry, artifacts and stonework. My 1995
edition was published by Cresent Books and distributed by Random
House Value Publishing, Inc., 40 Englehard Ave., Avenel, NJ 07001
ISBN 0-517-12178-6 I hope you’ll enjoy it! I sure have!