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Scotch stones

What about pipe stone? Sounds awfully similar to these scotch
stones. I’ve got some but nothing at the moment to test it on.
I can scratch the surface with fingernail, very easy to carve as
Amerinds knew. There’s only one area in U.S. that it comes from,
and at one of the quarries only hand tools are allowed, you must
have permit and I think have tribal affiliation. Anybody know if
they’re similar? Curiously, Kat

Latest in the Scotch stone saga.Apparently the
company that made the stones in Scotland had a major fire. Which
stopped production.They are now back in business. Try Exchange
Finding in London for supplies. Richard W UK


Do you have an address for the Exchange or a phone or fax?


Joan, This is the adress/phone/fax for Exchange Findings:
Exchange Findings, 11-13 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8HX. Phone:
0171 831 7574. Fax: 0171 430 2028 Richard W UK