School teaching

Dear all, again…:slight_smile:

For the first time in many years I am now teaching (on contract) in
two seperate community colleges. One of them is in Barrie, Ontario
the other is here in Toronto. But why is there such a ‘rush’ to
learn? One of the answers is that the economy is way down and many
folks want to learn a new career. Majority of them are finishing
their 3 year training programs and must learn stone setting to cover
all aspects of jewellery learning.

So, I am now teaching a total of 21 students (of all ages) the
Basics and Advanced levels of stone setting…Ranging from Tension
setting, Princess centre stones, Channel and Princess channel
settings as well…all the basic designs. Lets not forget the
ultra-easy bead-setting. I will be in Toledo, Ohio in late April for
a 3-day workshop assisting those who need to catchup on some of the
topics I just mentioned.

If there is a need to have some Orchidians take in some of my
training time lets talk !


That’s great Gerry.

I think folks are looking for a new career, but working with the
hands and getting one’s mind focused on something that is creative,
helps relieve tension and then there’s the company of other people
with the same goal.

Very therapeutic! I find that teaching (like for 24 years) gives me
the same feeling.

Wish I lived closer to your area - I’d take a class - there’s still
more room in my inquisitive brain for more knowledge!

Rose Marie Christison
Denver CO

Hi Rose Marie, and all !

I see you live in Denver, if you can put together a group of
interesting folks who “want and need to learn” gemsetting, I am
available. This posting is open to anyone in Orchidland…We all are
in a rather tight $$ situation and fees might be a problem…So why
not have a class of 10-12 folks. My two classes in the Toronto area
schools have 9 and 11 students.

The first day in “George Brown College” had my group writing 6 pages
of notes. I make every ‘demo’ worth while to them…larger than life
drawings, full explanation of each setting process. What tools to
use and when, what not to do that can lead to further trouble in the
completion of any setting action…basically, I leave no stone
unturned…(no pun intended). “Why go to a school, when the school
can come to you!” is my motto…contact me …Gerry!


SNAG has just launched a resource list on its website, promoting
artists who teach workshops, and the topics they teach. In early
February, we will begin promoting this list directly to arts centers,
guilds, community colleges, universities, and others that produce
workshops. If you want to be added to this list, first review the
list to see how it’s laid out and what we need to receive
from you. [Name, phone number, email address, website url, and then
X’s in all categories that apply to your expertise.]

The file is an Excel spreadsheet. If you need to receive it as a pdf,
just let me know (it’s not up on the site yet).

You do not need to be a SNAG member to be added to this list.

Dana Singer
SNAG Executive Director