Scholarships in North America

hi all, I am hoping some of you may have some insightful ideas, or
contacts to share me. I am a Canadian resident, and I am wanting to
pursue a metalsmithing degree ( possibly including a masters.) I am
already a fairly accomplished metalsmith. what I am looking for are
leads on scholarships, possible funding, or student residencies that
may be available to myself, in a good program, either in Canada, or
the usa. I have searched numerous times over the years for what
looks like it might apply to someone like me, but continually come
up with nothing that looks right. any ideas or contacts you may have
would be appreciated. ( my work speaks for itself, I think; but
unfortunately my web site is down for a week or two. ) thanks so
much, andes


Manufacturing Jewelers & Silversmiths of America offers some small
scholarships for students enrolled in post-secondary jewelry-related
programs in the United States. For more visit their
website at and look under “Education” & “Scholarships
& Awards.”

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